Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilt Blocks and Quilts from Your Favourite Fabrics: Recycling Fabrics as You Learn to Quilt by Kate Perri

Published 2008

Quilt Blocks and Quilts from your Favorite Fabrics is a guide to making the most of the fabrics you love. Quilting is a great way to recycle T-shirts, blue jeans, neckties, pajamas, even prom dresses—to give old favorites a quick and cozy makeover.
These 15 projects teach three of the most basic quilting techniques: patchwork piecing, foundation piecing, and appliqué. Readers learn how to “deconstruct” their favorite garments and then reconstruct the pieces to form the small individual blocks that are stitched together to form a quilt. Block by block, they’ll learn how to make quilt tops and “sandwiches” and then decoratively stitch their surfaces by machine—with straight lines or freeform shapes. They’ll also learn how to assemble blocks to make three full sampler quilts, adding sashing, binding, and designer labels

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I always wondered what I would do with all those bridesmaid dresses that I would "wear again someday". Can wait to get started.