Saturday, October 11, 2008

Complete Guide to Quilting: More Than 750 Step-by-Step Color Photographs Includes Every Method and Technique

Published 2003

Covers all aspects of quilting from designing quilt blocks and appliquéing to binding and finishing, giving quilters the tools to tackle any project with confidence.

This comprehensive how-to book focuses on instructing quilters in the fine art of quilting; it contains no patterns.

Valuable tips and expert trouble-shooting advice make projects easier and more enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful book. Covers everything you need to know about quilting -- tools needed, cutting, piecing 'machine and paper', blocks, applique, stitches, batting, backing, quilting, estimating fabric. I felt so knowledgeable when I was done. I have read other books but they pale in comparison to the comprehensive content in this book.