Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crazy Quilts: History Techniques Embroidery Motifs by Cindy Brick

Published 2008

An exquisitely illustrated history of the Crazy quilt from colonial days to ours, with expert instructions for planning, piecing, and embroidering or embellishing your own “Crazy.

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Anonymous said...

From its front cover to the last page, Cindy Brick's latest book titled simply Crazy Quilts is a masterpiece of sumptuous and elegant photos of crazy quilts, both antique and contemporary, and is a true celebration of all that we might call "Victoriana" ... The book is a page turner, and yet, I dawdled and lingered over each page, not wanting the book to end... Even if you are the type who doesn't read books with words, or even if you speak a foreign language only, the photos and illustrations are well worth the price of this book, Crazy Quilts. I can guarantee that you will return to it, again and again, for inspiration. Many thanks to Cindy Brick for the quality and quantity of information she shares about a subject she loves, the Victorian Age and its textiles.