Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yo-Yo Dolls & Doll Quilts by Bobbie McClure Long

Published 2010

For my friend Barb, who never reads my blog...

Create an entire doll neighborhood and quilt collection from just one book! Introducing nine Yo-Yo dolls and their quilts-easy enough for a beginning quilter and creative enough for an experienced quilter or crafter to enjoy making. The easy-to-construct, strong inner foundations keep the dolls stable and secure. Each doll has its own unique style and attitude. Use the fabrics pictured or have fun personalizing your dolls with your own fabrics, yarns, buttons, beads, and accessories. These dolls give you the opportunity to shop for all the things you like to shop for! The complementary little quilts can be completed in a few hours with fabrics left over from assembling the dolls. The techniques used to create the unique little quilts and their tiny labels can be used as doll quilts or in bigger projects.

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