Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hobo Quilts: 55+ Original Blocks Based on the Secret Language of Riding the Rails by Debra G. Henninger

Published 2010

Explore the fascinating world of the depression-era hobo through the culture's hidden language. Quilter and shop owner Debra G. Henninger has taken more than 55 authentic "hobo signs" and created original quilt blocks. Discover how these blocks are used to create 20 breathtaking quilted projects, all with a 1930s flair -using wools (new and recycled) and reproduction fabric. These gorgeous quilt projects include step-by-step instructions that will lead you through projects using the hobo symbol blocks. Accompanying the blocks and quilts will be photos of the 1930s hobos and vignettes about the Hobo life. You will be captivated by the stories and magnificent quilts you can create.

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