Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Ficklesticks: Art Sticks to Bend, Wrap, Weave & Wear by Diana Taylor

Published 2008

This isn't quilting, but doesn't this sound like fun!!
Have some fun today…make a Ficklestick! Heck, make a few Ficklesticks. Maybe the little ones, just six inches long. Maybe the big ones, more than three feet long. Use cloth and easy-to-find supplies to create those Ficklesticks, then use crafting magic to turn the Ficklesticks into baubles, bracelets, bags, belts, buckles, and buckets of fun! Shape ‘em, twist ‘em, weave ‘em. Who says crafting has to be serious? Ficklesticks to that!


Nan Hoekstra said...

I must see this book -- I can't help it. I want to look at it and then say hmmmmm too hard for me...

Anonymous said...

I know, lets interlibrary loan it!!