Tuesday, August 26, 2008

M'liss Rae Hawley's Scrappy Quilts : Let the Fabric Tell Your Story

Published 2008

Don't just make do with patchwork quilts...make art! * Combine treasured fabrics with new scraps to create an heirloom * Eight fat-quarter-friendly quilts for all skill levels Let your quilts be more than just a way to use up extra fabric. Transform them into keepsake records of your personal history. Favorite author M'Liss Rae Hawley shows quilters everywhere how to organize fabrics by theme, color families, and print size--then go on to blend old and new fabrics to make art instead of just making do. Eight quilts, for all skill levels and in all sizes, are fat-quarter friendly, and quilters can use machine embroidery, embellishments, and border treatments to add that special touch. An inspiring gallery reveals how beautiful quilts can preserve family stories and pass them from one generation to the next.

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