Sunday, August 24, 2008

Instant Bargello by Susan Kisro

Published 2008

Inspired by the style but intimidated by the methods for making beautiful Bargello quilts? With this ingenious technique, you can transform theme fabrics—from nature prints to animal motifs—into beautiful “instant” Bargello-style designs.
Create six fast, fun quilts to show off your favorite fabrics with minimal effort
Just strip, cut, stagger, and sew for one-of-a-kind results every time
Feature fabrics with beach themes (such as grass, sand, shells, and oceans), country scenes (like pumpkins, wheat, rocks, and sky), and more

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Sheila said...

Bargello is not for picture quilting
Barbara, Homemaker/Quilt Teacher, 08/06/2008

I have always liked the Bargello pattern when I used it in needlepoint or plastic canvas patterns. I definitely do not like it in a quilt. This book shows picture quilts changed into the Bargello pattern. It makes them hard to look at, in my opinion, and difficult to see what the picture actually is. The book itself has six pages on basic quilting. The patterns give the finished size and a color photo of the quilt. A materials and cutting list is provided. Assembly instructions follow these lists. There are no graphics to show what the written steps are talking about. There are no quilting suggestions and the only finishing instructions are lay the quilt top on batting and backing, baste and quilt. Not much help for a beginner. There are six projects and a two photo gallery of other quilts. There is a short bio on the author. This is not a book I would recommend purchasing unless you are extremely excited about the Bargello look and have enough quilting experience that you don’t need finishing suggestions.