Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Porch Time: Quilts with a Touch of Southern Hospitality by Lynda Hall

Published 2010

The motto of quilt designer Lynda Hall is that quilting should be fun: "Being overly critical of what you make spoils that concept somehow, don't you think?"

In this book, Lynda presents a large quilt and four smaller projects that remind her of her favorite things, many of which she enjoys as she sits on her porch. In Flower Bucket, she has appliqued the leaky watering bucket that now holds beautiful flowers. Catnip features the cat that owns her house. The Fairy Game is a reminder of an adventure with her granddaughter. Auntie Bean's Pincushion holds pins, scissors and ruler to hang within reach.

The stories that inspired these quilts will make you smile and challenge you to add your individual touches.

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