Saturday, April 25, 2009

Black & White and Pieced all Over: Stress-free Foundation Quilts by Kay M. Capps Cross

Published 2009

A black-and-white approach to easy paper-piecing—with a splash of color.

If you love the crisp, precise results of paper-piecing but stress over all the ripping and stitching, this book's for you! Black & White and Pieced All Over shows you how to use foundation piecing to stitch perfect quilts every time. Even if you've never tried this breakthrough technique, you'll pick it up right away following full-color photos and numbered steps that detail every stitch.

Open this guide and see for yourself. It's got everything you need to create an array of gorgeous quilts, including:

16 step-by-step quilting projects ranging from "easiest" to "not hard"
Clear patterns that take the guesswork out of color combinations and matching fabrics
A full-color "Getting Started" section that covers everything from choosing materials and tracing designs to stitching and finishing blocks
A CD containing printable templates for every project
Best of all, there are NO MISTAKES! A special "Opportunities" section at the end of the book shows you how to take an "oops"—like when you might have cut a strip too narrow—and transform it into a creative success. It's really that simple!

Black & White and Pieced All Over is the fun and easy approach to quilting you've been looking for. Put foundation piecing to work for you, and see how great (and stress-free) your quilts can become.

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