Saturday, November 22, 2008

Quilting UFOs with Helen's Hints by Helen Squire

Published 2008

'Beam up' those UFOs and get started! Helen shows you how to turn your unfinished projects into finished quilts. Learn what type of quilting patterns are appropriate for your patchwork or appliqu├ęd quilt tops. Follow her four-question formula to determine where and what to quilt. Based on the most popular workshop Helen teaches, Quilting UFOs offers visual solutions to the dilemma of 'quilt as desired.' Learn how easy it is to make any pattern fit your individual quilt top. Refer to the illustrated examples of mitered borders and blocks, all made with the same design, and simply choose your favorite. A galaxy of original patterns are divided into categories for easy reference. They are presented full-sized in a larger, landscape format for handy copying and use. This collection is the eighth in the Dear Helen series of quilting pattern books. Most recent AQS publications by the author include Helen's Mix & Match Quilting Patterns, Helen's Copy & Use Quilting Patterns, Create with Helen Squire: Hand and Machine Quilting, plus three CD-ROMs with printable patterns.

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Nan Hoekstra said...

the cover....hmmm, is it just me on my first cup of coffee or ???